2019 SABPP Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation (EEDT) Summit

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18-21 November 2019: EEDT Summit, Wanderers Club, Johannesburg


 Winners of 2018   

TDCIEES-SIYAKHA and SABPP are proud to present the 9th Annual Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation (EEDT) Summit from 18 to 21 November at the Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg.

The theme of the 2019 EEDT Summit is: Excellence in Transformation and Inclusion.

As with our previous EEDT Summits, the purpose of the event is (1) to showcase EEDT best practice, (2) create an opportunity for companies to benchmark against industry leaders and (3) to stimulate creative collaboration and networking opportunity within the EEDT fraternity.

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For more information about the SABPP EEDT Summit, click here. 

Celebrating Excellence in Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation


Please contact TDCI: 012 329 2472 / tdci@admin.co.za or Mmasephoma Moagi: 073 511 9521



The REVAMPED Robben Island Diversity Experience

Advanced 5- Programme in Individual, Group and Organisational Transformation,March/ April 2019, Robben Islandday

RIDE enables delegates to take a deep dive into the dynamics that inform and direct individual, team and societies processes. It is an intense 4-day experiential journey that expedites vast professional and personal shifts. As an advanced change and transformation programme, it utilises three powerful interlocking ‘lenses’ that facilitates a deep understanding of the conscious and unconscious, overt and covert factors that inform our mental models, personal narratives, value systems, level of consciousness, relatedness, relations, and power dynamics.

Only 36 places available. Please note that entry requirements apply, since it is a high level programme meant for senior change and transformation practitioners.

Please contact Cicil Visser: 083 2004536 / admin@tdci.co.za or Mmasephoma Moagi: 073 5119521 / admin@tdci.co.za for more information about the 2019 RIDE Experience.

Disability 360 Seminar & Knowledge Workshop 

This 2-day high impact "DO IT YOURSELF" 360 workshop will shed light on DISABILITY in SA's workplace and provide resources that organisations need to implement sound disability management programmes.

Delegates will get first hand updates on the South African Human Rights Commission's Disability Toolkit & Quick Reference Guide "Improving the Employability of Persons with Disability", hear results of recent case law, understand how to define disability, thoroughly explore local and international obligations and share ideas and best practices. They will also learn how to conduct a full disability audit , assess compliance, establish disability networks, encourage disclosure and improve education, understanding, communication and awereness.

For more info click here or contact Mmasephoma Moagi - mmoagi@tdci.co.za / 073 511 9251 






Events Calendar:  

EEDT Summit:18-21 November 2019


RIDE: Robben Island Diversity Experience (Advanced Programme in Individual, Groups & Organisational Dynamics): 2019


Generations: 2019




Diversity Management: 2019


Talent Management Conference: 2019


Race & Gender: 2019


Supervisory Programme: 2019