About the EEDT Summit

Acknowledging Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation Best Practice

Giving Recognition to EEDT Best Practice & Benchmarking Industry Excellence

We are extremely excited to launch the Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation Awards and are confident that it will become a significant vehicle for the growth and stimulation of the EEDT field. The Awards is about moving beyond compliance towards innovation, excellence and a continuous reinvention of the field. The Awards is set to become the industry showcase for next-practice EEDT initiatives.

The EEDT awards is about acknowledging South African organisations that have gone an extra mile in strategically implementing Employment Equity and Diversity initiatives. The awards intend to give public recognition to companies that excel in advancing the true spirit of transformation.  It will showcase effective measures to redress equity, equality, and the creation of an inclusive business environment where employees, applicants for employment and clients are accepted, valued and treated with respect and dignity, without regard to race, colour, religion, gender and disability.


Companies are invited to nominate themselves / their representatives in any of the following categories:


  • Employment Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Company of the Year
  • HR Best Practice in supporting EE and Inclusion
  • Diversity Inclusion Award
  • EEDT Manager/ Driver of the year
  • Disability Equity Award 2017
  • Gender Equity Award 2017


EEDT Summit will provide:
  • High-level overviews on the current state of BBBEE, EE and Diversity related transformation
  • Keynote presentation by prominent figures from both the private and public sector
  • Panel discussions on key Employment Equity and Diversity related issues
  • Concurrent presentations (Three Summit streams) by leading EEDT practitioners
  • State-of-the-art, innovative diversity strategies to successfully shift companies from compliance to sustainable EE transformation
  • An opportunity to showcase Best Practice and Benchmark against the best
  • Networking opportunities with industry related organisations and peers. Attend the launch of the EE, Diversity, and Transformation Practitioners Forum

A diverse workforce is one of your greatest assets, yet precious few companies have learned to leverage its power. Beyond recruitment and hiring, many businesses fall short in proactively and creatively managing, retaining and motivation their diverse workforce. It takes courage to embark on change initiatives that lead toward inclusive organisations. Leaders have to balance the organisation's strategic goals with the needs of members across the organization. The summit explores themes critically important in creating inclusive organisations.

 The focus of the summit is on enhancing the critical skills employment equity practitioners, business leaders, line managers, HR personnel and diversity champions must possess to flourish in this dynamic environment. The goal is to enable them to be more effective in their roles and efforts to lead successful transformation initiatives.

Diversity has gained executive level attention and is critically embedded in the overall success of the organisation. Business leaders will need to increase their understanding of diversity while enhancing their cultural competence and ability to manage and leverage diverse teams. Diversity practitioners and business leaders alike must include the topic of diversity in strategic, high-level business conversations.

The Summitplays an integral role in creating and sustaining inclusive work environments that mirror the demographic makeup of this country, and showcase a collection of the most vital tools, strategies, and best-practices available in the fields of employment equity, diversity and  transformation.

The summit assists practitioners to be more reflective of the challenges and opportunities in moving their  employment equity and diversity program plans forward. It creates a forum for sharing and formulating integrated diversity plans that go beyond numbers and representation to link marketplace, workplace and community diversity objectives to strategic goals. It explores the value of diversity in building, retaining and leveraging the diverse workforce organisations need to be competitive in this country, as well as the global market.

The summit provides delegates with many networking opportunities, thought-provoking sessions, interactive learning formats and actionable tools that can be applied in organisations. In addition to keynote presentations and concurrent sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in discussion forums that will explore problem areas, best practices and current trends. The speakers include some of the leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners in the field of Diversity, Employment Equity and Transformation.

Who Should Attend

  • Directors, Managers and Business Unit Leaders
  • Employment Equity Managers and Practitioners
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Diversity Practitioners
  • Change and transformation Agents
  • Public administrators and policy-makers.
  • Trainers, Skills Development Facilitators and Administrative personnel working in the EEDT field
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