About the HR Master Class SeriesGH

Learn from the thoughtleaders in the field of strategic HR management

Human Resource directors are currently faced with the arduous task of responding to huge demographic shifts, frenetic changes in the macro-economic landscape, a hostile and severely competitive labour market, and a host of immediate business challenges that directly influence corporate survival. Within this complex environment the role of strategic HR is about creating HR system and processes that significantly reduces costs, optimises employee engagement, improves operating effectiveness and increases overall enterprise-wide profitability and agility.

The purpose of the HR Master Class Series is to provide opportunities through which practitioners can learn from top executives, industry specialists and thought leaders how to tackle crucial issues, strategise around the macro socio-economic challenges facing organisations and navigate the daunting ‘white waters’ that lies ahead for the HR profession.  

Each Master Class session will focus on a different challenge within the field. The sessions pose cutting edge HR practices, technology, systems and tools within the luxurious context of some of South Africa's finest conference venues. Beyond the learning component, the series mindfully creates valued opportunities for executives to network with industry peers, build a professional web and benchmark against the best.

The HR Master Class Series will be launched in the exhilarating splendour of the country’s premier Wine Route. The first session was hosted at Webersburg Wine Estate on 26 June 2015 in the Cape Winelands.A programme of five other Master Class sessions will follow at venues such as Spier, JC le Roux, Dornier, Brennaisance and Dornier.

Themes that will be addressed during the Master Class Series are as follows:

  • The Evolution of Strategic HR: Critical reflections and Emergent perspectives on People, Practice & Paradoxes
  • Master Class on Labour Law, Compliance and Ethical HR Practice
  • Governance and HR’s Risk Management Strategy
  • Creating a Talent Intelligent Organisation
  • Performance Management: The Art and Science of Enabling Organisational Excellence Through People
  • Engagement and Organisational Energy
  • The E-HR Wave and its Strategic Application

Information regarding the Gauteng HR Master Class Series will follow soon!