Business Psychology Training Programmes

 Master Class in Business Psychology for Non-psychologists (Managers): Unleashing the Potential of Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Business and psychology are two words that rarely appear in the same sentence. This is a rather strange phenomenon, considering that psychology is fundamental to organizational success. The purpose of management is to achieve organizational goals through people. The age of connectivity requires a new way of thinking about business: less like a machine to be controlled and more like a complex dynamic system of interrelationships.  And yet, for most managers, psychology is regarded as an insignificant part of their job.

 Why are some employees passionate and fully committed to the organizational goals, whilst others just go through the motions?

  • Why do some teams astound us with self-directed brilliance, whilst others are dysfunctional to its core?
  • How do some organizations continuously surpass employee, customer and shareholder expectations, whilst others battle to stay afloat?

 These are but a few of the critical issues that will be analyzed in the Business Psychology Master Class

 The Master Class will facilitate a grounded understanding and appreciation of Business Psychology’s critical role in ensuring individual, team and organizational success. Mastering business psychology will enable managers to improve staff performance, motivate teams, create an engaged workforce, accomplish organizational goals, and draw in more customers. Psychology applied to the management cycle produces tangible, real-world success measured the only way possible: Cold, hard bottom-line profit. And even more, it will create more meaningful environments and purpose driven teams.

The Business Psychology Master class will include the following 4 modules:

Module 1: Orientation to the psychology of work

  • Psychology and its roots
  • The psychology of inner work live
  • Applied psychology and the hidden drivers of business excellence
  • Human Behavior & Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Psychology of Leadership & Team Development
  • The psychology of becoming a better boss
  • Psychology and success models

 Module 2: Business Psychology applied to managing employees

  • Mental models
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Motivation, engagement and influencing
  • Psychology of employee satisfaction
  • Personality profile, strength finders
  • Conflict intelligence
  • Mindfulness and inner being
  • Joy, passion and purpose
  • Psychology of and scarcity and abundance

 Module 3: Business Psychology applied to managing teams

  • Collaboration
  • Connectivity
  • Group dynamics
  • Managerial competence in dealing with diversity, intercultural complexity and generational differences
  • Performance and team energy

 Module 4: Business Psychology applied to managing organizations

  • Psychological contracting and ownership
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Organizational energy
  • Talent intelligence
  • Trust, power, politics and pride
  • Meaningfulness and purpose driven organization
  • Business  values and propositions
  • Managing complexity
  • Psychology of war, competition and strategic maneuvering
  • Psychology of Ethical behavior