TDCI Company Profile

TDCI is a specialist business psychology firm that offers a range of focussed services in the fields of organisational excellence, leadership development, diversity & inclusion, cultural change initiatives. We pride ourselves on being thought leaders, who constantly reinvent  tour approach and change strategies to offer fit-for-purpose interventions that make a difference in the lives of people, teams, organisations and society as a whole.

TDCI operates as a network consultancy that offers a range of specialised training and consultancy services. As part of the network configuration TDCI has developed strategic partnerships with leading service providers. Through these strategic partnerships our clients can be secured with the knowledge that they will receive professional services from experts on the cutting edge of their respective fields. As part of our quest for excellence we continuously research and re-invent our products and service offerings.

Our Vision
To be a world renowned training and consulting service provider who constantly shift the boundaries and redefine the fields of business consulting, organisational excellence, leadership development, diversity interventions, and social systems change and transformation.

Our Mission
To make the world a better place

Our Objectives

  • To provide specialist and fit-for-purpose training and consultancy in the areas of organisational excellence, leadership development, diversity, change and transformation.
  • To organically grow and development our capacity and service offerings as we move towards our vision.
  • To create hubs of excellence through (1) innovation and curiosity, (2) focus research, and (3) the establishment of partnerships worldwide with leading institutions and experts.
  • To establish an international footprint and grow our business in various countries.

BEE and Employment Equity
TDCI believes that there lies great power in human diversity and that the difference benefits the organisation in various ways. Diversity is one of our primary business drivers and we overtly endeavour to tap into the vast potential that difference brings to TDCI. TDCI constantly strive to seek and develop talent of previously disadvantaged groups. We realise that the quality and success of staffing, and related staff development, are fundamental to the quality and success of the company as a whole. TDCI's BBBEE status is that of a Level 4 Contributor - Certificate number EME 12381 REV1.

NQF Accreditation Status
TDCI Consulting is a registered Service Provider and our programmes are outcomes based and aligned with the NQF. The Services SETA has awarded TDCI Institutional Accreditation as a Service Provider through Decision Number 2304. Companies can thus claim back their levies for training provided by TDCI. The accreditation enables TDCI to provide competency based training (certification) in programmes aligned to unit standards.

Our Philosophy
The difference that makes a difference in our company is not in what we do, but in our philosophical assumptions. Our philosophical assumptions create the foundation and space from which we operate. Our philosophy is deeply human centred and can best be depicted by the following values.

Our Values

  • Passion: We LOVE what we DO and we DO what we LOVE!
  • Purpose: We are driven to make a difference in the lives of our employees, our clients, and society as a whole.
  • Caring: Love and caring for one another is the essence of what makes life worth living.
  • Integrity and Authenticity: The roots of TDCI are hitched in genuineness, honesty and strong moral principles.
  • Abundance: We strive towards breaking the shackles of a scarcity mentality and embracing a mindset of abundance. It signifies a space characterised by benevolent sharing and collaboration.
  • Excellence: We are driven by a mindset of continuous improvement, superiority, and eminence in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Through continuously evolving and shattering paradigms we create new possibilities.